Town planning

You are a local authority or a town planner, digital tools are there to help you design, visualize, and manage your project.

You need to view your project during all its design stages to choose and validate strategic directions. You want to visualize an urban real estate program, an equipment or an infrastructure. For your calls to tender, you will need help to establish specifications and select candidates. Control, monitor progress and validate the performance of your subcontractor

You wish to rely on simulation to optimize the management of your infrastructure or project. My digital tools will now allow you  to simulate the development of a territory or the use of an infrastructure. Flows, landscapes, nuisances and energy measurements  are just some of the examples of modeled data. The implementation of a simulation tool is the best way to anticipate and manage the future costs of a structure.

You wish to put digital tools at the service of sharing around your project. Whether in the context of consultation with citizens or to exchange with your partners, a digital image is the best communication tool for your projects. The applications are multiple and original. To find the medium which will express the idea cannot be improvised. And would be useful if accompanied in its dialogue with providers.