3d modeling

You are in the industry, town planning, simulation or communication, you need a real-time 3D model .

I specialize in models for simulators. I can create your data base, your circuit by adding physical data to it (According to your engine).
Expert in 3D models for simulators, data base creator and circuits enriched with physical, real world information. (depending on your 3D engine)

I realize high definition models from laser scanning. These highly accurate models can be used pre-computed or in real time according to the request.

High definition models from laser scanning. Highly precise, they can be used in both pre-computed and real time CG outcomes, depending on your request.

A high-definition model can be mapped with HDR images.

Realised using many different tools, in particular 3DSMax (and can be exported in many standard formats), and i deliver them to you in your engine format. (To study according to the accessibility and the documentation of the engine)
3D models are produced with a set of tools, notably 3D Studio Max, and are exportable in a wide variety of standard file formats. Delivery is made according to your 3D engine (providing accessibility and documentation of the engine)